Scenes From A Shower

For the past two years, I have been photographing a particular collection of portraits titled 'Scenes From A Shower'. A quirky series that focused on the antithesis of my usual style. This body of work was completed in March 2017 and exhibited both at Magpie Springs Winery and The Light Gallery in a joint exhibition titled 'OPUS Photo Exhibition'.

Here is the Artist Statement I wrote to support this body of work;


‘Scenes From A Shower’ is a portrait collection by Chris Holmes of Creolumen Photographer. Mainly a portrait and commercial photographer, Chris has been getting into showers with friends and strangers all over South Australia taking their portrait! Chris’ passion for portrait photography lead him to undertake this portrait series back in 2015 and is due to exhibit with OPUS Photographic Exhibition group early 2017 in a collaborative event with five other talented photographers.

Scenes From A Shower (SFAS), is a personal portrait series. Realising people’s discomfort with having their portrait taken, the artist considered how to create a relaxed and safe environment. What better place to relax than the shower?

What is being conveyed? Some participants wanted familiar objects with them, other’s wanted to convey a feeling and some just wanted to be involved. The shower was the most relaxing, familiar and comforting place, it was a place people could relax, enjoy the space, chat to the photographer and express as little or as much as they wanted. Something about those negative irons elevating positive feelings. What we get is a unique reflection of the person, they tell us the story without coercing the final look. So much of portrait photography is about ensuring the model does the right thing, the right look and tell the right story. This series travels in the opposite direction and allows individuals to communicate in a unique and un-crafted way.

A wonderful outcome of each image was the story – a conversation that followed and allowed the viewer to connect to that person in a personal and unique way. SFAS is a warm, quirky and personal collection of people each with their tale to tell.

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