Landscapes by the Sea

A quiet weekend, no teaching and just finished a retouch piece for a client. So, with a bit of spare time and last week's experimentation with light painting, today called for some outside time. Brave the cold, the wind, the sea spray and I headed down to Seacliff SA.

I always reinforce as an educator, that as photographers, it's always important to test equipment. I helps push the limits, learn the boundaries and feel confident with new tools. I recently purchased an ND16 Cokin filter and wanted to see if this was going to be ridiculous or usable! Coupled with my trusty (and super portable) Sony a6300 and lightweight Manfrotto tripod I ended up with about 2 usable shots (possibly 3-4 if i was less fussy).

The results....

#landscapes #sea #ocean #NDfilter

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