Tas Mania - Post Script

It's always fun to plan a holiday, whether it's a journey to somewhere familiar, or a new place to explore and add to the favourites list for next time. Tasmania was the latter for us this time.

The island state gave us much more then we expected. I could never have imagined the diversity of landscapes within such a relatively small part of the country. If you wanted to, you could drive from one end of Tasmania to the other in less than five hours, top to bottom. Doing it this way would only do yourself a disservice as the Tasmanian experience is far more about the journey than the destination, if you're open to making every part of your stay part of the adventure.

Yes, there are many worthwhile destinations, but from point to point, there is so much wilderness to be had, I challenge you to make a simple drive and not feel compelled to make a stop or two (or ten!) to take in the ever-changing landscapes.

Our trip was enhanced by the people we visited, and we'd like to thank our friends: Anne and Bruce White for putting us up in Cygnet and showing us around for a few days on the south western side. Also to Mahni and Geoff Dugan, who put up with us in Koonya, sharing the beauty of the sites on the south eastern side.

Our first few days in the north-west of the state were no less magical, and that's thanks to some friendly locals we chatted to along the way who shared some tips on the things to see nearby. I know it's somewhat cliched to return from a holiday and comment that "everyone's so friendly there" but they are. Maybe it's our altered state of happiness and adventure that allows us to see that, at last, wherever we might be.

I'm not going to give a star rating or anything similar for our holiday in Tasmania, just a simple recommendation: go there. You'll come back from possibly one of the busiest, but most fulfilling adventures of your life. Until next time.

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